hansroland/recursion-schemes-helpersSome very simple helper functions to be used together with the recursion-schemes library
26 minutes ago
ocramz/hdf5-liteHaskell bindings to HDF5-lite
41 minutes ago
plapadoo/matrix-botProvide a simple, script-friendly interface to posting stuff on matrix channels
an hour ago
LiisiKerik/Functional_CatNo description
an hour ago
davlum/elastic-musicGenerative music from elastic search logs
an hour ago
biocad/hasbolt-extrasExtras for hasbolt library
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
DanielRodCha/SAT-DPLLNo description
a few hours ago
considerate/accelerate-convolve-testNo description
a few hours ago
stillalex/projecteulerproject euler problems
a few hours ago


haskellweekly: Issue 95 of #Haskell Weekly is out now! It features content from @HaskellOrg, @icfp_conference, @snoyberg, @ndm_haskell, @nomeata, @louiswu, @jyrimatti, @james_OWA & Jan Mas Rovira. 12 minutes ago
hakmem: x = [ c | i <- [0..], let m = i `mod` 4, let c = "abcd" !! m ] #haskell It does what I want, but not really sure why. I need to reread the syntaxa few hours ago
pvillega: Dear #lazyweb Is there any place that lists practical applications of category theory? Like in ‘a comonad is a good tool in these scenarios or data structures’? #scala #haskell #categorytheory5 hours ago
tagir_valeev: That "a-ha!" feeling when old-time puzzle looks solved #Haskell. hours ago
MewSec: Functional Programming Memes for Turing Complete Teens #haskell hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: #Exercitium: Soluciones de "Números que no son cuadrados". … #Haskell #I1M20178 hours ago
tiarebalbi: Looking for a new language to study… Any suggestion? #clojure #elixir #rust #haskell9 hours ago
1HaskellADay: #haskell #tip prefer sortOn f to sortBy (comparing f) sortOn has the "performance advantage of only evaluating f once for each element in the input list"10 hours ago
louiswu: I wrote a post about my a-ha moment of Applicative Functors in #Haskell …12 hours ago
KuldeepSinhC: Try it, it’s delicious like hell! I am in love with #Haskell, seriously.12 hours ago


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