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haskell-perf/numbersNo description
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nmarasoiu/playhshaskell playground for solving problems e.g. hackerrank, project euler
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jieshicheng/HaskellLearn Haskell practice
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beala/regexpandUtility for expanding regular expressions.
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kendricktan/haskgasHaskell Genetic Algorithm Simulator
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Ultramann/hnetExperimental haskell neural network api
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Functionalworks: Using AI this team are transforming the mortgage industry in the UK - Using #Haskell & #Scala up to £75,000 an hour ago
qiitahaskell: … 貪欲ライフゲーム #Haskell ![lifegame.gif]( a few hours ago
ugsrock: Heute trifft sich die Haskell User Group Frankfurt um 19:00 Uhr in Frankfurt @zentrale_ffm  #Haskell #ugrma few hours ago
StephenPiment: #Haskell Concepts in One Sentence I would add the caveat that these are descriptions, not definitions. …9 hours ago
lambdatoast: Improved sound and explanation of currying in 5-ish minutes. … #javascript #haskell #history9 hours ago
kakkun61: MForm Handler (FormResult Data, Widget) と (Widget, Enctype) の変数の名前の付け分けが悩ましい。どっちも fooForm って名前付けたくなる。 #Yesod #Haskell11 hours ago
UriSamuels: #Haskell type checking in code #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO …12 hours ago
_deepfire: Like a breath of fresh air. Someday we are to see the end of arguing over practicality of formalisable approaches.. One can hope.. #Haskell …13 hours ago
LaParrillaKS: Do you need a food delivery? Call us daily from 5-9 pm at 785-841-1100 #LFK #larryville #LawrenceKS #ku #haskell #Delivery @downtwnlawrence13 hours ago
nfoio: Entre 2015 y 2016, las tecnologías que los desarrolladores más abandonaron fueron #WinPhone #Haskell y #CoffeeScript, según Stack Overflow.16 hours ago


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Better confusiona day ago
TypeApplications, PartialTypeSignatures, ,AllowAmbiguousTypes, ScopedTypeVariables -> confusiona day ago
Tricky Traversal3 days ago
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IRC Quotes

<pikajude> fibonacci numbers are quite common in nature; some examples include 1, 2, and 3a month ago
<monochrom> <monochrom> If stack doesn't understand it, kill stack. <monochrom> If Buddha doesn't understand it, kill Buddha.2 months ago
<hpc> the first lisp interpreter was a room full of grad students2 months ago
<johnw> they said at this year's Fibonnaci conference that it was as good as the last two combined2 months ago
<FAQ> paste: Paste long things at a paste site. highlights and lints haskell and announces to this channel.4 months ago
<FAQ> details: When asking for help, give details such as platform, GHC version, cabal or stack, exact command line, source code, full output, urls. If it's long, paste at http://lpaste.net4 months ago
<FAQ> faq-help: @remember FAQ topic: some info , @forget FAQ topic: some info , @quote topic:4 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like [Mac Lane] introduced it in _Categories for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p.138 at months ago
<geekosaur> wibble5 months ago
<geekosaur> so fwiw it looks like he introduced it in _Category Theory for the Working Mathematician_, and his terminology note doesn't explain why he picked "monad", but perhaps can be understood to imply a sort of cross between "monoid" and "triad". (p 138 at months ago