arademaker/CS-FPCourse on Computational Semantics
29 minutes ago
kvendingoldo/Import-SSU-schedule-to-Google-Calendar-fpNo description
2 hours ago
randrade23/il-ass2Implementation of a small subset of SECD - João Pires & Rui Andrade
3 hours ago
rasheedja/HaskellFromFirstPrinciplesNo description
3 hours ago
kaushal0/ChatServerImplementing a Chat Server using Haskell
a few hours ago
Xion/spitefulMischievous Reddit bot that does things out of spite
4 hours ago
lambdageek/clang-compilation-databaseHaskell library for working with the Clang JSON Compilation Database Format
4 hours ago
RomanSofyin/Stepik-HaskellThis repo is for code which has been written as part of practical tasks of the Haskell course on the Stepik platform
5 hours ago
stinovlas/confNo description
5 hours ago
Azwraith42/learning-haskellNo description
5 hours ago


tamnd87: Purify code using free monads #haskell, #monad - a few hours ago
lambdageek: I went ahead and made one myself: read compile_commands.json using haskell - … #Haskell #Clang #aeson …a few hours ago
DiazCarrete: concurrently :: CommutativeMonoid w => WriterT w IO a -> WriterT w IO b -> WriterT w IO (a,b) Would this make sense? #haskell5 hours ago
AkiiZedd: I do not regret a single second I’ve invested in #Haskell. So much value for my every day programming in other languages gained.6 hours ago
mstk: a nice reflection on #haskell as a teaching language with some good points …6 hours ago
StephenPiment: Advice for #Haskell beginners by @GabrielG439 …6 hours ago
lambdageek: Dear #Haskell and #LLVM: Has anyone written a Haskell library to work with the JSON Compilation Database Format …7 hours ago
Juan_A_Lleo: #Blockchain #FunctionalPrograming #Haskell #scalability #strategy #trends @oraclelabs @HaskellMAD …9 hours ago
MagpieMcGraw: Every #Haskell blog post needs to have a date of publishing clearly visible in the post. If it's older than a year I know it's useless.10 hours ago
IvanPerezKeera: Submitted my PhD thesis. Crashing in 3, 2, 1,... #phd #haskell #frp #functionalreactiveprogramming #games hours ago


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week1homework1 CIS194 5 days ago


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