ndmitchell/debugHaskell library for debugging
46 minutes ago
dcastrop/DPolyExperiments with deep embedding a point-free language with polynomial functors
46 minutes ago
dcastrop/poly-langExperiments with deep embedding a point-free language with polynomial functors
46 minutes ago
damian1234/CoreWarsNo description
an hour ago
unaoya/haskellNo description
an hour ago
raduom/hasteNo description
an hour ago
7akase/skirlNo description
3 hours ago
ReedOei/RudiNo description
3 hours ago
pasho97/HaskellExercisesNo description
3 hours ago
kendricktan/hschemer-48hrsWrite yourself a Schemer in 48 hours
a few hours ago


haroldcarr: Happy Birthday #haskell …27 minutes ago
qiitahaskell: … パス名がShift_JISで格納されたzipファイルの展開ツールをHaskellで書いた話 #Haskell ♯ 概要 Haskellで適当なツールでも作ってみたいなと思い、簡単なお題を考えたら意外と大変だった話です。僕のHaskellレベルはすごいH本を読み終わった程度で45 minutes ago
LambdaDays: Software Anarchitect and #JVM Developer @jarek000000 joins #LambdaDays speaker line-up!  #OMGkrk #Haskell hour ago
haskellweekly: Issue 85 of #Haskell Weekly is out now! It features content from @syocy, @sgraf1337, @_gilmi, @lowert, @mankykitty, @ndm_haskell, @jstoelm, @holidaychecklab & @Iceland_jack. an hour ago
m_misamore: Wouldn't be surprised if 2018 is the year of Liquid Haskell. It's getting too compelling to ignore. Amazing work by Vazou et al. #haskellan hour ago
InfoQ: News from our partner, @LambdaDays conference: CFP is closed, speaker line-up is updated daily! Get the ticket while you can, full program will be announced soon! #Haskell #Erlang #Scala #Elixirlang #Clojure #Elmlang #Fsharp few hours ago
1HaskellADay: Thursday's #haskell problem we sing ... EVERYBODY'S WORKIN' FOR THE WEEKEND! …a few hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: #I1M2017: Ejercicios de evaluación perezosa y listas infinitas en Haskell (1). … #Haskell4 hours ago
1HaskellADay: Today's #haskell solution has 66 composable dates in 2017. Cool! …4 hours ago
Gabr_Ibrahim: Aaaaaahhhh! #Python type hinting also allows for a 'optional' return type. Similar to #Haskell 'Maybe' type4 hours ago


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