Tiangewang0524/Haskel-practiceNo description
29 minutes ago
suzumiyasmith/MyXmonadxmonad settings
39 minutes ago
chemi123/haskell_sampleNo description
55 minutes ago
MiguelEstevesMF/MetodosProgramacao2006No description
an hour ago
cezs/haskell-ffi-sampleUsing Haskell's FFI
3 hours ago
vacationlabs/record-splicerUtility TH functions to create sub-record-types from large record-types and function to convert values between these record-types
a few hours ago
clockvoid/GameOfLifeNo description
a few hours ago
Hogeyama/ghcid-nvim-simpleNo description
4 hours ago
kumar0ed/eulerbackup of my solutions to projecteuler
5 hours ago
gnull/messA set of utilities for backuping messages
6 hours ago


ruicc: “The Linearity Monad”  #ghc #haskell40 minutes ago
rufuse: Is it possible to abstract over two types of kind # in #haskell?an hour ago
msdark: Should I start learning #Haskell?? I already did a few things with #Elm.. or should start with something like #reasonml or #clojurescript ?a few hours ago
skillsmatter: Want to look deeper into #Haskell typesystem? Join @kosmikus workshop 18th October to find out more! few hours ago
AGoCorona: Now the orchestration of distributed jobs works as intended: … #haskell . Need more features5 hours ago
DaveCTurner: Our experiences at @tracsis of using #haskell in production: … (also, we're hiring!)5 hours ago
skillsmatter: Want a full weekend of free #Haskell community activities? Join us @ #Haskell2gether (12-13 Oct) hours ago
romanzolotarev: so #Vim or #Haskell?7 hours ago
luotuose: 依存型の利点として行列の大きさを指定できるというのはよく聞くけど、それはTypelits使って現状でもできるようだしWikipediaなどを読むともっと大それたことができるんじゃないかと思うんだけどどうなんだろう。#Haskell8 hours ago
prondzyn: Update: #golang , #Lua, #Haskell, #Python, #django added …10 hours ago


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