sebastian/todosIn progress project for managing todo's spread across markdown files
39 minutes ago
josephmckinsey/simpleFFTSimple FFT implementation based on operative Fourier arithmetic. Haskell is used for elegance.
48 minutes ago
pablotrinidad/estructuras-discretasTareas y prácticas del curso Estructuras Discretas - Facultad de Ciencias de la UNAM
an hour ago
JeanDamien/ playground
an hour ago
andrewthad/minimal-reflex-dom-failureReflex DOM calculator app fails at runtime with GHCJS 8.4
2 hours ago
ahaym/data-jobComposable, dataframe-like workflows
3 hours ago
lih/stack-libsA repository that hosts multiple Haskell libraries compilable with Stack
a few hours ago
jberthold/packman-examplesExample programs for the packman library
4 hours ago
marangisto/MultiBomMultiple BOM Merge and Multiply
4 hours ago
takoeight0821/grapeNo description
5 hours ago


1HaskellADay: For Monday's #haskell problem we distill UUIDs encoded in news media URLs. …4 minutes ago
shapr: I would bring several hundred #haskell stickers I got from @kmett and join in the funan hour ago
StephenPiment: Haskell from Scratch: A Beginner's Guide to #Haskell by @james_OWA Official opening. …an hour ago
TechnoEmpress: Hey fellow #Haskell users, since Real Worl Haskell is considered to be obsolete, what kind of blog post/tutorial would you recommend to learn how to write efficient (and concurrent) network servers? love <32 hours ago
Iceland_jack: Nil :: Nested a (\a -> a:::Nil) :: a -> Nested a (\a b -> a:::b:::Nil) :: a -> [a] -> Nested a (\a b c -> a:::b:::c:::Nil) :: a -> [a] -> [[a]] -> Nested a (\a b c d -> a:::b:::c:::d:::Nil) :: a -> [a] -> [[a]] -> [[[a]]] -> Nested a nested datatypes #Haskell hours ago
jbrieu: Wow didn’t know Tesla was running #haskell in production :) Cool! hours ago
puffnfresh: If there are concerns that "nobody knows #Haskell!!" when hiring, please show that nobody (actually) knows #JavaScript!! // 'ba'+ +'+'+'a'6 hours ago
domenkozar: got a suggestion on #haskell for: data Tag = A | B | C; data A = forall a. Show a => MkA Tag a7 hours ago
Jose_A_Alonso: A Haskell compiler. ~ David Terei … #Haskell7 hours ago
jrlarsen: 42% off everything at @ManningBooks until Aug 22 Use code wm081618lt … #golang #swiftlang #csharp #python #java #javascript #scala #Haskell #fsharp #aws #VueJS #aureliajs #React #nodejs #MachineLearning #angularjs #MEAN #MERN #expressjs #Docker #dotnet7 hours ago


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