IRC Channels

The IRC channel can be an excellent place to learn more about Haskell, and to just keep in the loop on new things in the Haskell world. Many new developments in the Haskell world first appear on the irc channel.

Point your irc client to and then join the #haskell channel.

Alternately, you can try or which connects inside the browser.

IRC Channels for getting help

All of the channels mentioned are on Freenode.

  • #haskell is the oldest and most populous Haskell IRC channel, but can be noisy at times.
  • #haskell-lang for general help and queries.
  • #haskell-beginners not only for beginners, focused on helping anyone that needs it.
  • #haskell-stack for Stack-specific queries and assistance.


Searchable logs are available on IRC Browse for:

Plain text logs are also available at tunes.

Related channels

ChannelPurpose Australian Haskell hackers
#haskell-br Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) speakers
#chicagohaskellChicago Haskell hackers Czech speakers (UTF-8) German speakers
#haskell.dut Dutch speakers Spanish speakers Finnish speakers
#haskell-fr French speakers Croatian speakers Italian speakers Japanese speakers Norwegian speakers Portuguese speakers
#haskell-pl Polish speakers Russian speakers. Seems that most of them migrated to Jabber conference (
#haskell_ru Russian speakers again, in UTF-8. For those, who prefer good ol' IRC channel with a lambdabot. Swedish speakers Chinese speakers (mainly in Taiwan) Vietnamese speakers
#haskell-blah Haskell people talking about anything except Haskell itself. Don't say scow.
#haskell-game The hub for Haskell-based game development
#haskell-in-depth Slower paced discussion of use, theory, implementation etc with no monad tutorials!
#haskell-iphone Haskell-based iPhone development
#haskell-lisp Haskell Lisp - projects that are creating Lisps written in Haskell, or Haskell implementations written in Lisps.
#haskell-llvm For projects using Haskell and LLVM
#haskell-overflow Overflow conversations
#haskell-web Friendly, practical discussion of haskell web app/framework/server development


#arch-haskell Arch Linux/ specific Haskell conversations
#fedora-haskellFedora Haskell SIG
#gentoo-haskellGentoo/Linux specific Haskell conversations
#haskell-apple Projects that target iOS or OS X using Haskell.

Projects using haskell

#darcs Darcs revision control system
#diagrams Diagrams EDSL
#disciplinedThe Disciplined Disciple Compiler (DDC)
#hackage Haskell's software distribution infrastructure
#haskell-lens Lens discussions
#happs Happstack web framework
#tasty Tasty test framework
#hledger hledger accounting tools and library
#leksahLeksah IDE for Haskell development
#snapframework Snap web framework
#xmonadXmonad tiling window manager
#yesod Yesod web framework
#haskell-distributed Distributed Haskell discussion